Merino mince

made from lamb and mutton
EU Naturland
Mild mince made from lamb and mutton, raised on a Naturland sheep farm in the Rhön Biosphere Reserve. Ideal for preparing oriental dishes, lamb meatballs and burgers or as a topping for pizzas and flatbread. Our mince comes from the merino sheep. This breed is not only famous for its premium-quality wool: its meat is also tender with a very mild flavour.

60% lamb*, 39% mutton*, 1% sea salt
* organically grown

Nutritional information
  • Nutritional information per 100 g
  • Energy 1050 kJ/250 kcal
  • Fat 15.5 g
  • of which saturates 8.5 g
  • Carbohydrate 0 g
  • of which sugar 0 g
  • Protein 16 g
  • Salt 1.1 g
How to cook

Farmed and processed locally

We work with the family-run butchery Kleinhenz from northern Bavaria to source of Naturland-certified merino mince. The sheep are raised on the neighbouring WernerGut farm in line with Naturland standards.

The butchery Landmetzgerei Kleinhenz is run by Silivia and her parents. This small business primarily supplies speciality meat to the local region. Much of what they offer is processed by hand, from chopping meat and stuffing sausages to packing produce.

Not far away, at the WernerGut farm, the sheep are raised carefully in a way that allows them to express natural behaviour. They are given the farm’s own organic feed. Everything takes place nearby – from the birth and raising of the livestock to their slaughter and processing. The distance between the sheep farm and the slaughterhouse is just 3 km, guaranteeing short transport distances and minimising stress for the animals.

Grass-fed merino sheep

In addition to merino sheep, the farm run by Norbert Werner and his family keeps suckler cows, fattening pigs and laying hens. The animals spend the whole summer at pasture and live in spacious free-range barns with thick straw litter during the winter.

Allowing the animals to express natural behaviour and processing the meat carefully results in an exceptionally high-quality mince.

Our butcher Rainer
Our butcher Rainer
Our merinoland sheeps on the pasture
Our merinoland sheeps on the pasture