Chicken strips

from Naturland farms
EU Naturland
Ready-sliced chicken from Naturland farms. Processed by Biofino in the district of Cloppenburg in Lower Saxony, raised on organic farms in Germany and Austria. Chicken strips are ready to cook, making them ideal for quick pasta and pan-fried dishes. We recommend marinating them in your chosen sauce before cooking.

Ingredients: Chicken*
* organically grown

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Poultry from Naturland farms

For our whole chickens, we work with Biofino – an experienced organic poultry processor from northern Germany. The majority of animals are raised on small, family-run farms, with some holdings being overseen directly by Biofino.

In line with Naturland standards, lower stock densities are used. The animals live in a natural environment with guaranteed access to the outdoors, space to roam and daylight in their barns. The chickens receive nutrient-rich feed which is made from at least 95% organic ingredients, GM-free and contains no additives. Any diseases that occur are treated using natural methods wherever possible. When it comes to slaughtering, attention is paid to short transport distances in order to minimise stress for the animals.

Closed-loop farming

Our processor uses a closed-loop system from breeding to processing. The broiler chicks are bred from animals owned by the farm and hatch at its organic hatchery.

Broilers are slaughtered when they are 60–70 days old.

At the chicken breeder in Lower Saxony
At the chicken breeder in Lower Saxony
View of the meadow
View of the meadow

What makes our chicken farm special?

“We take a holistic approach. We want to guarantee that our animals are treated well – all the way from raising them to slaughtering them. We can monitor and trace every single step in the closed-loop system, enabling us to guarantee top quality and a high level of product safety.”

Our poultry processor
Our poultry processor