Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I buy Biopolar products?

Our frozen food can be found at many owner-run organic food stores throughout Germany. We supply some of these stores directly.
You can also find products such as our pizzas, Lagonda pizza snacks and tarte flambée at well-known organic supermarkets like BioCompany, Alnatura, denns, Vollcorner, SuperBiomarkt, LPG, basicbio and bioladen. Some REWE, Edeka, famila, Aktiv&Irma and MARKANT stores which are run independently also stock our products.

2. Which products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

We offer vegetarian and vegan specialities in all product categories (except for meat and fish). It is really important to us that our products taste good. We work with traditional recipes and don’t just follow trends. For example, the Piccola Bruschetta is a classic Italian pizza which has always been prepared without animal products and cheese. Our soul food is also completely vegan and contains warming spices and nutritious ingredients which are good for body and soul. Hard cheese and mozzarella are used for our pizzas, Lagonda pizza snacks and pasta specialities, including the meat-free ones. Mozzarella contains microbial rennet, but hard cheese such as Parmesan is made with animal rennet. The following products contain animal rennet: Lagonda Aubergine, Lagonda Spinaci, Fettuccine Spinaci and Pizza Caprese.

3. Are there any pizzas without wheat flour?

The crispy, delicious base is a special feature of our pizzas. The dough is made using a very long process, which gives it its flavour. It is made from wheat flour in line with a traditional Neapolitan recipe.
However, we use 100% spelt flour for our two smaller pizzas (Piccola Bruschetta and Piccola Tre Formaggi). The taste is very similar. We hope to offer more frozen spelt pizzas in the future.

4. Why aren’t all of the products Naturland-certified?

We pay close attention to ensuring that our mono-products such as meat and fish carry additional certification by the organisation Naturland. Animal welfare and environmental protection are very close to our hearts. At the moment, offering Naturland-certified processed products is something of a pipe dream. Many of our manufacturers – small businesses that use artisanal methods – are not certified by the organisation. It is also very difficult and laborious to source every single ingredient in Naturland quality. However, we are working step by step to try and make our dream a reality.

5. Is frozen food bad for the climate?

Studies show that frozen food has a comparable climate impact to other methods of preserving food and home cooking. You can find out more about this here (link to sustainability).

6. Why do your pizzas have so much packaging?

When we design our packaging, we pay attention to sustainability and try to produce as little waste as possible. Our ice cream tubs are made from renewable materials and are fully compostable. The pizza box is also made from 100% recycled paper. However, as our pizzas are not allowed to come into contact with this (uncoated) paper for hygiene reasons, we have to shrink-wrap them as well. It is particularly difficult to find compostable packaging for frozen food because many products, such as our ready meals, are exposed to substantial temperature fluctuations. The packaging is frozen at –40 °C and heated at +200 °C. This always poses a major challenge when we search for the ideal solution.

7. Where are Biopolar products made?

We primarily work with family-run businesses which make all sorts of dishes using traditional recipes. We partner with them very closely to develop our delicious products together. Biopolar is not a manufacturer. As transparency is extremely important to us, we name and depict our partners on every single piece of packaging and provide detailed information about them here (link to overview of manufacturers).

8. I’m not happy with a product. Who can I contact?

We’re sorry to hear that. Please tell us more so that we can look into it. If you have any queries, wishes or suggestions for improvements to our products, please contact our product developers and the quality control team directly (link to team). We try to respond to all queries as quickly as possible.

9. Why is the brand called Biopolar? It sounds like an illness.

‘Bio’ and ‘polar’ are the two words that give our brand its name. ‘Bio’ is the German word for organic. We only offer certified organic products because sustainability, the environment and animal welfare are important to us. ‘Polar’ stands for ice and frozen food, which is our speciality. Our logo features a polar bear because we see this majestic animal as symbolising climate protection and ecology.

We know that the brand name is often confused with the word ‘bipolar’. After all, there is only one extra letter in it. It is not our intention to allude to this serious mental disorder or, worse still, to play it down. We would certainly never seek to advertise our brand in this way.

10. What company is behind Biopolar?

The brand Biopolar is owned by Ökofrost GmbH. We have been specialising in frozen food since 1996. As a wholesaler, we supply our branded products and other high-quality organic frozen food to organic stores in Germany and abroad. A number of independent retailers also source products from us. You can find out more about us, our philosophy and how we work here (link to About us).